Our Message to Educators

We send our heartfelt support to you and your loved ones—including your students—during this extraordinary moment in time.

It’s no surprise that teachers across the globe are rising to the occasion and educating their students, whether connecting online, sharing activity packets, recording read-alouds, or inventing other creative teaching methods—while taking care of their own loved ones and trying to stay healthy.

Because that’s what teachers do—and we acknowledge you with gratitude and awe.

In support of your efforts, we have compiled Greater Good in Education practices and other resources that offer ways to address student and adult anxiety in this time of uncertainty, and that cultivate our human connection through kindness, compassion, and other prosocial qualities. If there is something you need or that you think will benefit others, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

As educators we know that classrooms in the future may look back at this time and wonder what it was like to live through this. May the memories brought forward be filled with those moments where we took care of each other—and may those moments become not just memories, but our new reality.



Other Greater Good Resources for Educators and Parents

Greater Good Articles for Educators


Greater Good Articles to Share with Parents


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