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Greater Good Educators Program (Fall 2024)

Exploring Science-Based Practices for Kinder, Happier Schools Where Everyone Belongs


Coming Fall 2024!

This program from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center will provide PreK-12 school-based educators an opportunity to explore the science and practical application of individual and collective well-being, helping to support the development of schools and classrooms where both students and adults thrive.


Who this program is for:

  • Classroom teachers (preK-12)
  • School site administrators
  • Social-emotional learning (SEL) school-based specialists
  • School mental health professionals and counselors
  • Pre-service educators
  • Para-educators
  • School Cohorts and/or Whole School Staff


When you join our 2024-25 cohort, you will:

  • Discover three science-based learning modules (e.g., purpose, compassion, gratitude), and take a deep dive into one each month.
  • Join up to seven virtual community of practice sessions to discuss and practice with other educators like yourself the module content, how to apply it in classrooms and schools to enhance learning and adult and student well-being, and to share ways to overcome challenges and obstacles in using the content.
  • Move at your own pace through a rich resource bank of materials ranging from short videos about the science and practice of the topic, turnkey research-based practices, articles, podcasts, and more!
  • Gain regular support and personal guidance from our community in both asynchronous and synchronous settings.


What you will do:

Each month you will explore a new self-paced learning module and select a practice(s) to try in your school setting. You will also join a small group of educators in a synchronous online community of practice to discuss the module content, your implementation experiences, learnings, and wonderings with one another.


How to Join

We are currently recruiting both individual education professionals, school cohorts, and whole school staff to participate from September to December 2024. Schools interested in bringing Greater Good Educators to their entire staff (i.e., Whole School Staff) will work with the education team to create a professional development schedule that works for them.

Please fill out our interest form or email us at ggsceducation@berkeley.edu to learn more.

What Educators Say

In the spring of 2024, the Education Program at the Greater Good Science Center completed the Greater Good Educators community of practice pilot program and received feedback from a diverse group of 60 participants, representing twelve U.S. states and nine countries. The final feedback was overwhelmingly positive with 98% of the participants rating the overall program “very good” or “excellent.” Here is some of their feedback:

“It was so nice to be in a community of like-minded people and to feel myself part of a global movement.”

“It really replenished my strength and kept me going this year and I’m grateful.”

“More than I could ever use! Perfect to design a school’s wellness program around.”

“It was amazing being able to collaborate and learn from others in the same field.”

“I found my people and I can’t wait for the next session.”

“It was great to spend time with other educators who are trying to implement these practices in their classrooms as I have been.”

“This is how real change happens.”

“I loved meeting with so many different people from around the country, and around the world, to hear varied perspectives, as well as international similarities!”
–Educator, Spring 2024 Pilot